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Advertising Solutions


    Signs (Light Box Letterbox Signage, Totem, Crane Signs)
    Facade cladding applications (Vinyl, Mesh, Canvas)
    Offset and digital printing materials (Brochure etc.)
    All advertising and event materials with construction
    All kinds of paper bags forms
    Poster, Poster, Business Card
    Creative boutique catalogs


    It is also known as the One Way Vision glass graph. A one-sided printing method. It is the preferred advertising tool especially in glass curtain buildings.


    It is a hard material produced in different thicknesses (1mm to 20mm) composed of various plastic alloys. Can be used indoors and outdoors. Usually areas of use are shops, exhibitions, meetings and publicity areas.


    The material used in this application is special cast foil which is produced for ducted surfaces. It can be applied by using special production foils in desired colors or by printing the image on the same type of foil. One of the most effective advertising methods of your brand.


    In accordance with the customer request, our expert industrial designers specially prepared by the imagination of the world of your imagination and the size of the material that makes the application.


    Images are lighted products that are easily visualized by backlit by the help of led panels. It provides a homogenous light distribution with special laser method. There are single and double-sided models. Standard sizes are made in special sizes. Ral colors are available in our production. The operating voltage is provided with a 12 VCD adapter.


    In today's world where sales are not only the price and the product sold; The companies that make the company one step ahead, the products that make the difference come from the light products. Branded promotional products have brought a different dimension to advertising. It is the most important advertising product, which makes the stores, markets, workplaces and cinemas important advertisements.


    Each of the systems established to exhibit and promote any commercial, service or activity is called a m stand. Bir Plastic (vacuum thermoforming, plexi and injection), metal (sheet, profile pipe, wire), Wooden (MDF, chipboard) and similar materials produced with the help of shelves, hangers, baskets, such as components of the structure of the feet, desktop or hanger can be a sales and marketing tools.

  • SIGN

    It is the advertising tool that best describes the business name and logo. They are attracted to the customer's attention because they are made in large sizes in indoor and outdoor areas. Many advertising media with many types of polite postures is the choice of many companies.


    Thanks to its wide range of applications, it offers impressive visuals for promotions. Spider booth; It offers both stylish and practical solutions in trade fairs, seminars, shopping malls, congresses and in-house and outside promotions.


    Very light product made of aluminum is preferred because it can be easily transported anywhere. Thanks to its automatic mechanism, it wraps the pressure and provides easy installation.


    It is a type of signboard used in the open areas where it is desired to be seen from long distance on the intercity roads. Totem signs are very large signboards built on a long pole. Especially lighted application is done.


    It is the most modern and finest signage model of our day. It is designed for long life usage. Materials used in box letters; Chrome - Gold Chrome and Aluminum.


    Box letters made of a wide variety of materials, the names and logos of companies known as Router and Laser devices are cut to form letters. It is used in indoor and outdoor places with light and no light. This type of work is elegant and interesting because it is preferred especially in indoor environments such as shopping malls.


    The product display stands are easily manufactured depending on the type, quality and quality of the metal material. Metal stand manufacturing can be produced as desired by the desired size. Paint and wire hanging apparatus of metal stands are designed according to customer requests by color and form with special designs.


    The stand production is easy to produce product display stands depending on the type, quality and quality of plexi material. Plexiglass designed cosmetic stands, presentation stands, jewelry stands, shoe stands are designed and produced according to the corporate identity of the customers in the desired color and model.


    It is a practical, durable and impressive product where you can display your images such as menu, posters in the shops, cafes or restaurants. This double-sided product has an emblem-type pediment model. Standard or special sizes can be produced.


    The poster poster is used in congresses, conferences, meetings and exhibitions. Product display and display stands are easy and comfortable to make your ad. It can be produced as single or double sided according to the need. Your company can be produced in special sizes and colors.


    Menu boards are one of the easiest ways to give your message. In addition to your products or product stands; It can be used in markets, restaurants, cafes and bars in a very comfortable and elegant way. We can display your posters of different sizes horizontally and vertically, or we can install a rack. It offers a stylish look with decorative pillars. Standard sizes and special sizes can be produced.


    UV printing is better quality and longer life than other printing types. It is not affected by water. Direct printing is done on almost all materials up to 10 cm thickness. Large size photo quality, extremely vivid print. UV (Ultraviolet) printing comes to the fore with its resistance to sunlight. The drying time of UV dye is very fast.


    Digital printing means printing of images and writings prepared in digital media via computer aided or other electronic machines. Thanks to digital printing techniques, many activities related to design and printing have been realized in a very short time. Digital printing techniques designed for digital media; fabric, nylon etc. can be written to the surface and this process can be done quickly in series.