About Us

AGP Group is an Corporate Supply and Solution Center that coordinates production, experience, marketing and business development functions in the event, organization and textile sectors, closely following all trends in the world and presenting the best in the tailor-made workmanship.

Since our establishment in early 2016, we have been striving to be a satisfied, recommended and preferred solution partner in all of our projects with a service concept that offers our experience without compromising our core values.

  • As AGP professionals, we analyze the needs of our solution partners in the best way, equip them with accurate, realistic, result-oriented data in accordance with our knowledge and experience.

    Every value we add to the institutions is our greatest capital.

  • Our experience, without compromising our basic values, offering a service concept, all projects we will be satisfied, recommended and preferred to be the preferred solution partner.

  • - Honesty
    - Reliability
    - Reality
    - Openness
    - Sustainability